“Keep up the social media content, it's fresh, innovative, and fierce.”

Ann Foster, Tom Ford Store Manager

“You guys are always so awesome with the support you give to our store. The new marketing/social media team Oliver McMillan has assembled is truly blessing this center with all of their fresh ideas.”

Jennifer Brown, Theory Store Manager

Trisha Cornett, Diptyque Store Manager

We appreciate everything you do for us. 

“Thank you again for coming in yesterday to photograph our newest fall arrivals! We’re very excited to increase our presence on Buckhead Atlanta Social Media. As a company, Alice + Olivia is definitely investing in increasing our brand awareness through social, our corporate loves your social so much, they want to be featured as MUCH as possible!”

Casey Schott, Alice + Olivia Store Manager

"Thank you so much. I saw last night's [social media post], it looked great! Much appreciation, I feel as though traffic has been steady following the Super Bowl!

Blakely Keppner, Chopard Assistant Manager

“We had a lot of people, NFL wives, out of town getting to know the District…. feels the District has been busier than since Super Bowl week... Unbelievable sales over the past week post Super Bowl” 

Sela, Alice + Olivia Assistant Manager